And now for the second time Jaapani-Inglise Keeltekool, Animeklubi Asashio and anime e-shop 100USAGI are organising a Cosplay Day in Tallinn.

On the 26th of March we will wait for all you you to join us in the Narva mnt. 5, FOORUM house in Cubanita Live cafe. to enjoy all things cosplay! Everyone who is in a costume or enjoys watching other people wear cosplay, are invited.

There will be different shops and the opportunity to buy some drinks form the cafe. If you are interested in selling your stuff, please send your information to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Entrance fee: 4€

The link for cosplayers participating in the show can be found in FaceBook event description.


12.00 doors open

12.40 Presentation "Professional markers in anime and manga drawing: COPIC< Promarker, Chameleon"

14.00 Cosplay show

15.15 Presentation by Margus Teska "Cosplay: International conventions (Runefest, Eurocoplay, GameOn"

16.00 Awards for cosplay show participants


All participants of Cosplay show will get memorable presents from anime online shop 100USAGI and the public's favourite will get a free pass to Animatsuri festival in Tartu on September 24-25th..

Cosplayers who are travelling from other Estonian cities will get their travel expenses refunded (upon the ticket presentation).

Event in Facebook.

Lets meet again in Tallinn!